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Treatments for Shoulder Pain Relief

The shoulder is one of the most complex areas of our musculoskeletal

system, and it is the most mobile which is why it is so commonly injured

and sore (as a result of increased mobility, we lose stability).  The

shoulder is composed of three bones, but due to the muscles and

ligaments that work the shoulder, it is associated with dysfunction of t

he neck, mid back, chest and ribs, as well. Shoulder pain can be acute in

nature, such as from a recent trauma or accident while playing sports,

working overhead (painting, mechanical work, etc.) or falling; or, it can

be from a more chronic situation in which years of repetitive activities

or minor traumas compile and leave the shoulder in pain. Other factors

that contribute to shoulder pain include shoulder bursitis, tendonitis/tendonosis, tendon or ligament tears, frozen shoulder/adhesive capsulitis, rotator cuff syndrome and impingement. Due to the significance of this region, especially in sports, fast and effective treatment is needed in order to maintain ability to function and play. Often, soft tissue treatments designed to relieve tight muscles, reduce adhesions and restore range of motion are the most effective for treating shoulder pain. While certain injuries do require surgery, a conservative approach to shoulder treatment often proves effective and lasting.

Adjustments to the shoulder, neck, mid back, ribs or chest may be utilized in conjunction with soft tissue treatments such as Active Release Technique® or guasha. Acupuncture may also be advised as it is often successful in decreasing inflammation/edema, as well as significantly improving pain levels.

The doctors at Innate are trained and experienced at shoulder pain relief treatments naturally, without drugs or surgery. After examination, they select from a variety of treatments for the shoulder which are best suited to treat your condition. These may include Chiropractic, Acupuncture or Active Release Technique®.