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COVID-19 and Sioux Falls In Home Chiropractic

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Innate is remaining OPEN during the COVID-19 pandemic! Additionally, I will have opportunity for Thursday appointments for the next few weeks. 

I understand the fear and apprehension about leaving your homes and businesses at this time, but want to assure you that additional disinfection/sanitization methods are being implemented between each patient and at the end of each business day. Please do not be alarmed if you see me wipe down the table before/after your treatment - it's to protect all of us! 

As I run a primarily wellness/maintenance practice, the vast majority of my patients are otherwise healthy individuals with muscular or skeletal complaints, and are less commonly seen for immune/systemic issues; therefore, I am confident in my ability to remain open at this time. IF you are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, however, I do ask that you contact me prior to your appointment so that we may discuss an alternative option for care, or reschedule when your symptoms have subsided and you have exceeded the recommended self-quarantine window.

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. Email is always preferred and accessible outside of regular business hours, but I will return any phone calls that I miss during my regular office hours.

Sioux Falls In Home Chiropractic Visits

Innate is going mobile, with Home Visit Thursdays (and other days based on availability)! I'm hoping to be available for Sioux Falls In Home Chiropractic to better suit the changing needs during this peculiar time.

Normal office hours remain during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Dr. Baar is understanding of the fear and/or respect some individuals and families have in trying to self-quarantine or implement social distancing. 

In order to better serve the Innate family during this peculiar healthcare crisis, I will be implementing house calls on Thursdays (as it’s a day I’m typically out of the office for travel). I will come to you with my portable table, portable drop piece, acupuncture needles and my hands! I’ll be implementing the same stringent disinfection standards between houses that I would between patients in the office. 

All services available at the office will be available during house calls, with the exception of ultrasound & electric stim (but, you might be interested in trying electro-acupuncture if stim has previously worked for you). I can adjust, perform ART and apply acupuncture in the comfort of your own home! 

Since many of you are working from home right now, your bodies are struggling to adapt to the sudden loss of your office’s ergonomic environment. Using your laptop on your kitchen chair, couch - even your bed - will quickly remind you why we emphasize ergonomics in the office! I’m here to help! Let me come to you, break up your day with a quick treatment, and get you back to your jobs and your family. 

I am limiting availability to Thursdays as a test-run, and will add hours/days as needed, based on patient response AND pandemic changes. I am keeping regular business hours for house call availability (8a-6p). 

As a "new" In Home Chiropractor in Sioux Falls, I will be available in the greater Sioux Falls Metro. Unfortunately, I am not licensed outside of South Dakota - my patients in Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska will still have to come to the office. 

There will be a small but necessary rate increase for house-calls, due to the travel costs incurred. However, if more than one person (adult OR child) is seen at a single destination, my in-office rates will prevail. 

With notice, I can also bring supplements (subject to availability) and kinesiotape to house-call appointments. I currently have a few bottles of DeepBlue Rub and Marnie’s Magnesium Lotion, as well.

I cannot stress enough the importance of email correspondence during this time. As I will not have access to my office phone while in the community, email requests for appointments are key to communication. I will regularly check my office voicemail, but if you have the ability to email me, it will ensure quicker responses. Email Me!

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