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Treatments for Headache Relief

No two people experience headaches or migraines exactly the same way;

although, certain symptoms and presentations can be considered classic for

a specific kind of headache pattern. There are many varieties and

presentations of headaches, and as many available treatment options.

While the cause of headaches and migraines is variable, many sources can

be related to imbalances of the musculoskeletal or blood supply in the neck

and head. Additionally, headaches may be related to nutritional disturbances,

hormone imbalances, emotional issues and even jaw dysfunction. The

presentation of headaches and related symptoms also varies widely. They

can involve one or both sides of the head; they can begin in the back, side, in

the front or behind the eyes. Headaches can affect concentration, vision and

smell. They can cause tearing of the eyes as well as nausea.

Adjustments to the neck and skull will be utilized in conjunction with soft tissue treatments such as Active Release Technique®. Acupuncture may also be advised as it is often successful in decreasing inflammation/edema, as well as significantly improving pain levels.

The doctors at Innate are trained and experienced at headache pain relief treatments naturally, without drugs or surgery.  After examination, they select from a variety of treatments for headaches which are best suited to treat your condition. These may include Chiropractic, Acupuncture or Active Release Technique®.

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